Educators' Edition

Educators' Edition
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Wise Money Board Game

Wise Money Board Game
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Quotes about Games

 Games are the most elevated form of investigation."  Albert Einstein

Quotes about Furever Friends Jigsaw Puzzle

"It looked so simple, I was surprised at the level of challenge."  MN player

"The pieces are really well made and it's a beautiful puzzle."  IL parent

"So glad these funds are going to help rescue animals!"  MN student

" Cool puzzle. Great for families with small children because the kids can play too."  IL uncle

"The puzzle was GREAT! Fun, not too hard and feels so good in your hands!"  WI farmer

Quotes About Wi$eMoney®, The Town of Financial Literacy.

From Albuquerque, The Magazine, May 2013 Roll the dice and go back to start with Board Game Artist Elizabeth Treher 

"The board for WiseMoney is a fictitious city, which is a town of financial literacy. Players advance through town by answering questions correctly. Question categories include banking and investing, budgeting and payday, financing and credit, and identity protection. Their goal is to prove they're wise about money."


“Working at a microfinance organization, my team and I had been eager to play WiseMoney for quite a while. Unfortunately, we were always so busy that we could never find the time so sit down together. However, always being at our computers, we decided to make a daily trivia game out of it, send out questions every morning for several weeks and seeing who could be the first person to e-mail back the correct answer. It turned into a great way for people to both have fun and learn, and ended in a lighting-round, cage-match between the top two finalists vying for the top prize; a $25 Starbucks gift certificate.” Employee at a Microfinance Organization

"Wi$eMoney®… was an added dimension to our employment and training program and gave the Veterans who were in attendance important life skills.”   L. S. The Philadelphia Veterans 


“Fun game and insightful questions” Personal Finance teacher, Pennsylvania

“Game was fun and interactive and held the attention of the class” Personal Finance teacher, Pennsylvania


“This game is awesome.”  Male student, Business Professionals of America, NM.

“I didn’t think a learning game would be fun too.”  Female student, Business Professionals of America, NM.

“If school was like this, I would have stayed. I actually learned and had fun.”  Student dropout, Florida


"Thank you for the awesome game!  We just played it and it’s very educational and fun!”  Minnesota Family

“This game was a wonderful eye opener for my Tween and my Teen.”

“This is an amazing game that everyone should play or get !!  Some of the questions may be too hard for even your Teen, but I know the more you go over it the faster they learn it and will remember … My Tween even took this game to school during their Money Crash Course and it took me almost 3 weeks to get the game back, his teacher loved it.”

“Playing this simple game will help bring up situations and questions that you may have never dreamed about asking your teenager!”  The Teacher’s Wife Blog.

We LOVE this game, this is a wonderful tool, use it. Make a family game night out of it once a month and your kids will learn through play how to be Wise with their money when they grow up. 2 boys and 1 girl = 1 crazy mom Blog

“… this should be incorporated in any school curriculum, so kids understand how to handle their budget and that there are consequences if you don't pay your mortgage, credit card payment or even your utilities.” 2 boys and 1 girl = 1 crazy mom Blog

“It is a fantastic pre-cursor to your tween or teen going out into the "real world" by teaching them about financing, credit, identity protection, banking, payday, budgeting, investing, and so much more in the form of a challenging game!”  2 boys and 1 girl = 1 crazy mom Blog

“Our family really enjoys playing it!” FunFritzFamily Blog

“… my 10 year old grandson grabbed the concept of the game very easily. He loves playing it with us and explaining it to his younger brother.”  FunFritzFamily Blog

Retailers and Game Reviewers

“My customer called – she loved the game.”  Toy Retailer

“This is the best game I saw at Toy Fair.”  Toy catalog sales rep

“We expect this game to fly off the shelves.”  Toy Retailer

“(WiseMoney) … is an even better team game, allowing multiple players to decide on a consensus answer, avoiding embarrassment to an individual player, who may not know what many consider an "obvious" answer.” Toys Bulletin