Educators' Edition

Educators' Edition
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Wise Money Board Game

Wise Money Board Game
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Companies put a lot of energy and effort into creating a brand that resonates with their customers. With a powerful new game like Wise Money, one plus one can have a sum greater than two for your brand.

Customize the box and use the co-branded game for your marketing applications, including:

  • Customer appreciation
  • Community development and outreach
  • Corporate gift giving (Not only Holidays, April is Financial Literacy Month!)
  • Meaningful novelty item
  • Sale or donation …and many, many more possibilities.

Increase your return on investment in your employees. Research shows:

  • “Financial education programs have the effect of contributing hundreds of thousands of dollars each year to the company’s bottom lineThe return on investment is generally 3:1.”  (Source: Dr. E. T. Garman, Personal Finance Employee Education Foundation) 
  • One-third to one-quarter of all employees are financially stressed to the point of costing their employer $2,000 in lost productivity, absenteeism and increased health problems. (Source: Dr. E. T. Garman, Personal Finance Employee Education Foundation)

Wise Money delivers on a variety of levels for partnerships. For co-branding project ideas or to request more information, please call us at 215-534-3363 or complete our form or email sales@destinagames.com.


Use WiseMoney - The Town of Financial Literacy to help your school or organization to exceed your fundraising goals! At the same time you’ll be supporting financial literacy for your group and community.

It’s well-known that fundraising by schools, community groups and religious organizations works best when everyone involved, especially parents, value the products sold. In addition to its wide variety of educational uses, Wise Money - The Town of Financial Literacy is a family board game – providing fun, entertainment, and learning about the financial ‘birds and bees’.

Free when you purchase eight cases (48 games) for your fundraising:

  • Financial literacy quiz
  • Order form for duplication
  • Marketing suggestions

For pricing, please call us at 215-534-3363 or complete our form or email sales@destinagames.com.


More than ever, financial education is growing in importance. A recent survey showed that teachers feel only 32% of high school graduates are financially literate, and 93% of students need education on how to manage a budget. A simple game to teach financial basics is an essential strategy.

Your company can help support the critically important need for financial education and reap the benefits of being a good corporate citizen. Support financial literacy and enhance your public image by donating copies of WiseMoney – The Town of Financial Literacy. Imagine your logo and ‘Compliments of’ on every box that teachers, families, community groups and churches bring out to play on a regular basis.

Some sponsors combine both games by providing twenty sets of Destina…WiseMoney board games and ten WiseMoney Educator’s Edition games for their local school or district.

Typical packages for Sponsorships include:

  • Custom branding/logo on the box of WiseMoney -The Town of Financial Literacy
  • Press release about your company promoting financial education in your community

For pricing and to request more information, please call us at 215-534-3363 or complete our form or email sales@destinagames.com.

WiseMoney Custom Options

If you didn’t see the right fit for you and your organization, let’s discuss it!  The folks behind Destina have powerful talents and a proven record of achievement to customize or design a solution for you from scratch.

Game-based learning is an extraordinary tool with an infinite number of applications. Let us explore solutions with you.

Please call us at 218-482-3752, complete our form, or email sales@destinagames.com to discuss your ideas.