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Educators' Edition
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Wise Money Board Game

Wise Money Board Game
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CBS NEWS "BOARD GAMES THROUGH THE AGES" - 4/3/2011 (Click here to watch this video)


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Recent reviews and headlines about Wi$eMoney®, The Town of Financial Literacy.

New Interactive Family Game Teaches Personal Finance

Posted: Jun 29, 2011

Parents and grandparents have a new, fun, inexpensive, interactive way to teach children about personal finance. "Wi$eMoney, The Town of Financial Literacy" is a board game for ages 13 and up that teaches the entire family about banking, investing, budgeting, payday, financial responsibility, financing, credit, and identity protection. Read More.

Wi$eMoney Teaches Kids About the Financial World

Posted: Jun 29, 2011

Hudson Valley parents can now teach their kids about saving and the financial world while having fun with them at the same time. Wi$eMoney is kind of like Monopoly in that it allows players to face real-life situations, plus learn about banking and investing, budgeting and paydays, and financing and credit. Read More.

Wi$eMoney: The Town of Financial Literacy - The Old Schoolhouse

Posted: Jun 29, 2011

The WiseMoney game includes the following: game board, rules, spinner, timer, dice, and eight question card sets. This game, which is recommended for ages 13 and up, is a great financial learning tool. I was surprised at the things I learned from playing this game. I played WiseMoney with a 12-year-old. She loves to play games and is always eager to help. In this game, players are not just trying to reach a goal; they must answer questions in six different categories and answer correctly to get a card. Read More.

Wi$eMoney from Destina Games - The Facts on Financial Literacy

Posted: Apr 3, 2011

We are always on the lookout for the unusual, something new and different. Destina Games has certainly come up with a game that meets those criteria. "Wise Money" allows players to test their knowledge of today's financial terms, situations and at the same time learn how to cope with a 21st century economy. Read More.

A great pre-cursor to your tween or teen going into the real world

Posted: Feb 27, 2011

Wise Money is an educational game that teaches kids (and adults) about real-world financial situations, and helps older kids learn how to make decisions as a team and discuss problems openly. It is a fantastic pre-cursor to your tween or teen going out into the "real world" by teaching them about financing, credit, identity protection, banking, payday, budgeting, investing, and so much more in the form of a challenging game! Read more.

Money Toys Target Adults As Well As Children

Posted: Feb 15, 2011 At the 2011 Toy Fair, toys teaching financial planning make complicated money issues simpler for children and parents alike.