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Educators' Edition

Educators' Edition
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Wise Money Board Game

Wise Money Board Game
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Educators' Edition

Game BoardWiseMoney Educators’ Edition is a standards-based tool for large group settings to facilitate learning and decisions about managing money and personal financial management. This financial education game includes additional learning and teaching options, including managing a financial register, making choices about savings and investing, and making everyday decisions that have financial impact.

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Game Topics

  • Personal financial management and responsibility
  • Needs versus wants
  • Financial planning, budgeting, banking, investing, credit, and identity protection
  • Savings and checking accounts and registers

Financial trade-offs and decisions/benefits to educators

The Wise Money Educators’ Edition gives educators and facilitators the ability to reinforce learning and reduce lectures by facilitating discussions on personal finance through problem-based learning. A board game format keeps students active. The rules of play ensure students stay engaged.

This compelling game adds energy, excitement, and variety to instruction or for use as a formative assessment. Try it as a stand-alone tool or integrate it into an existing program. Further, you can customize the game by creating additional questions as curriculum needs change. 

Wise Money and StudentsBuilt in flexibility

As a learning game there is a strong review and retention assessment component that correlates with creating new behaviors and knowledge about money management. If you have very limited time, you can use the question cards alone to spark discussion, much like old trivia games. If you have a specific number of minutes, you can play just for that time; the winning team can be the team furthest ahead or the team with the most number of correctly answered questions. You can play with one set of cards only – or use your own with the templates provided on the CD included. Add to a topic with information from your lesson or expand to additional topics using the game as the structure.

Complete kit: what you get

Each WiseMoney Educators' Edition game kit supports up to 32 players at one time and is reusable for years. Included in the package are:

Package Contents
  • 36” x 36” laminated game board with stick and peel team pawns(post on the wall or lay on a large table)
  • Detailed leader guide
  • Eight card sets
  • Computer CD with 
    • Template for creating new questions
    • Financial Register (so you can print extras)
    • Game rules
    • Electronic image of game board for optional projection