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Educators' Edition

Educators' Edition
Price: $395.00
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Wise Money Board Game

Wise Money Board Game
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Wise Money Board Game

Wise MoneyEntertain your friends; play with your family. Laugh, share stories, and face financial challenges as you learn about real-world situations and personal money management on your way through WiseMoney – The Town of Financial Literacy. Players in two to four teams follow footprints through the town to prove they are wise about money. Will you be the first? On the way, every team learns about key financial topics.

Game Topics

  • Banking and Investing    
  • Budgeting and Payday
  • Financial Responsibility
  • Financing and Credit
  • Identity Protection

Wise Money SuccessWho should play?

WiseMoney is a fun learning game designed for ages 13 to 99 +. Even the financial experts we’ve seen play Wise Money have not answered all the questions correctly. How well will you do?

How long does it take?

Average game time is 30 to 60 minutes. Click here to see what others are saying about WiseMoney!

Game Parts

Each Wise Money – The Town of Financial Literacy game box comes with:

  • Game board and rules
  • Spinner and timer
  • Four team pieces 
  • Two different types of dice
  • Eight card sets

Wise Money Game BoardPlaying CardsSpinner
Warning: Choking Hazard