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Educators' Edition

Educators' Edition
Price: $395.00
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Wise Money Board Game

Wise Money Board Game
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Welcome to the Destina... Community! 

We are very happy to offer you our latest game Wise Money – The Town of Financial Literacy.  We hope you enjoy playing it as much as we did creating it!  

In light of recent economic conditions, it is vital that we engage everyone in our society in positive, interactive discussions about good money management. WiseMoney – The Town of Financial Literacy does this. To highlight financial basics from budgeting to identify protection, WiseMoney takes you on a journey through a fictitious town to learn more about financial basics and have fun along the way.

We’re committed to bringing you and your family new sources for learning more about the world around us. Check back frequently to see what’s new! 

Destina... Detail

Common characteristics of Destina... games:

  •  Action-packed play time of less than 60 minutes
  •  High replay value to ensure repeat use and interest
  •  Team-based play to keep everyone engaged
  •  Simple instructions

Destina... creates innovative team-based, face-to-face games to promote learning, entertainment, and communication. Our games are ideal for gatherings of families and friends.

Destina is now a division of The Learning Key. Built by Elizabeth N. Treher, Ph.D., The Learning Key designs training and education tools and programs for corporate, non-profit, and educational organizations around the globe. Our experience and the unique interactive approaches we use in creating effective training tools and programs are behind our 22 years of success in Transforming Learning Into Action®.  Visit www.thelearningkey.com for more information on other learning games and simulations.

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